Happy International Drum Month!

The month of May marks 2016 International Drum Month and 101 Percussion is celebrating it with some exciting news! The rEvolution drumset will be provided for several concerts in the months of June and July, the finish is being applied to the prototype now, and 101 percussion will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to complete full Patent Status in May for International Drum Month.

101 will provide the rEvolution dumset prototype as shared kit for concerts with Pittsburgh-based Horse Rock Entertainment and the fourth annual Deutschtown Music Festival.  I am very excited to be working with Horse Rock, a personal partner in the music industry for the past four years. As far as Deutschtown Music Fest goes, this will be my fourth year playing the July music festival with my band Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. BBB has played it since year one, watching it grow from this one-day festival of about 50 bands to this now massive two-day event featuring nearly 200 acts.

You can now check out our new Events page for upcoming concert dates to see the rEvolution drum set prototype in action.

As we lead up to the Kickstarter campaign to finish patenting, you can expect to see a lot more photos, video, and sound samples of the drums. While we don’t have a launch date just yet, the funding deadline is set for July 11th–just two days after the Deutschtown Music Festival! I must say, after working on this design for over a decade I never expected to have come so far and this past year with a patent pending status has been a insane–but there is still way more to do in the months ahead!  My patent lawyer needs to draft  the final document, a patent illustrator needs hired, and of course the raising funds for all of these things!

Be sure to check back for more news on the project or follow us on Twitter @101percussion



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